Ceiling Cassette

When design is important, being invisible is the key.

The four way cassette air conditioner works quietly, Supplying the wind throughout in four direction and highly energy efficient. 

FCCE-B 13-40k BTU/hr 

5 Mark (Efficieny Rating)

Ceiling Mounted 4-Way Cassette

FCCE Series

FCCE-BI-AF1 13-40k BTU/hr 

5 Mark (Efficieny Rating)


FCCT-B 12-40k BTU/hr 

TISI Certified Standard

FCCD-B 45-62k BTU/hr 

(Factory Standard)

FCCE-BI-AD4 13-48k BTU/hr 

5 Mark (Efficieny Rating)


 4 way Ceiling Cassette air conditioners with hybrid solar inverter system allows you to save more energy by equipped with solar panels. The system uses DC power directly into the unit, Greatly reducing energy usage and eco-friendly as well.

Solar Hybrid


13,000 - 40,000  BTU/hr