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Water Heater Heatpump

          Did you know that heating water is one of the most energy consuming activities that humans do? Therefore we have innovated the water heater heatpump which uses only 1/4 of the power to heat the same amount of hot water when compared to traditional water heaters.


Connect AWHP-35 up to 5 units for 175Kw
(30,500 L of hot water /hour)

Air Source Heat Pump Unit

Water heaters, energy saving, the hotel's energy-saving, space-saving installation. A water temperature up to 60 °C Environmentally friendly

  • Heating Capacity 35-72 KW

  • Max Hot Water Temp 60°C

  • Hermetic Scroll Compressor

  • Refrigerant Type: R-4104 a

  • Tube&Tube Heat Exchanger Type for 35-65 KW

  • Shell&Tube Heat Exchanger Type for 72 KW

  • Power Input: 380 V/3 Ph/50 Hz

02 หันซ้าย.png
02 หันซ้าย.png
02 หันซ้าย.png
02 หันซ้าย.png
02 หันซ้าย.png
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