Chilled Water Fancoils

All units shown here are designed to be used with chilled water systems. No risk of refrigerant leakage. Click below to download the PDF corresponding to each model. 

[Concealed Low-Static Duct]

FCD-B-AW1 12-62k BTU/hr

FCD-B-AW2 12-62k BTU/hr

FCE-C-AW1 12-62k BTU/hr

[Wall Type]

WFWM 12-36k BTU/hr

FCCM ซ้าย-01 โลโก้.png

[Ceiling Cassette]

FCS-A-AW2 12-18k BTU/hr


[Floor/Ceiling Suspended]

FUL-B-AW1 12-62k BTU/hr

FUL-B-AW2 12-62k BTU/hr

[Belt Drive AHU]

WADM 75-700k BTU/hr

FCCD 12-50-01 ตัดใบสวิงออก.png

[4-Way Casette]

FCC-A-AW2 12-60k BTU/hr


[Air Handing Unit]

AAH-C-AW1 75-150k BTU/hr

[Flexible Airflow AHU]

WADV 92-604k BTU/hr

BFCC 150-200(ใหม่).png

[Floor Standing]

WFFS 28-322k BTU/hr

[Water Cooled Condensing]


13,000 -62,400 k BTU/hr


[Direct drive]

AHG-C-75 - 250k BTU/HR