Ceiling & Floor Suspended

The only type of air-conditioner in the world that can be installed two ways, ceiling suspended or floor suspended.

FULE-BI 13-40k BTU/hr (220V/1/50HZ)

FULE-BI 13-62k BTU/hr (220/1/50HZ)


FULE 13-40k BTU/hr


FULE-B 13-40k BTU/hr (R-410)

FULT-B 12-40k BTU/hr
[TISI Certified]

FUL-B-AD1 45-62k BTU/hr


Solar Hybrid


13,000 - 40,000  BTU/hr

Ceiling & Floor Suspended air conditioners with hybrid solar inverter system allows you to save more energy by equipped with solar panels. The system uses DC power directly into the unit, Greatly reducing energy usage and eco-friendly as well.

Standard Features and upgradable options

***all models can be upgraded to meet any required standards